Fakaula Timilai Lyrics & Chords by Oasis Thapa

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SONG: Fakaula Timilai Lyrics & Chords by Oasis Thapa


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Khai Kasari Ma
Chhannu Yi Sabda Haru
Napuryai Diney Vaye
Mera Bhawana Timrai Vawana Chha Yui
Doshi Kaslai
Kaslai Thaharyaunu Bhana Aafai
Mutu Le Mutu Ko Sahara Khoji Raheko Thaha Bhaii

Banauna Khoji Raheko Chhu Timilai Aafno
Timi Ni Aapanai Deuna Malai
Hajarau Choti Risayera K Bho Timi
Hajarau Geet Lekhi Fakaula Timilai
Fakaula Timilai, Fakaula Timilai, Fakaula Timilai

Thapthapaune Thiyeu Ra
Namitho Nindra Ley Sataauda
Chaske Jhai Garchha
Sarir Aahaar Timro Napauda
K Artha Rahyo Ra
Maya Chha Bhani Maya Lukauda
Aartha Bihin Ko Maya Tikaunu Ni Kina Tikaunu Ra

Banauna Khoji Raheko The Timilai Aafno
Paraaye Jasto Mahasus Garauchhau Kina
Hajarau Choti Risauda Ma K Timi
Hajarau Geet Sunai Fakaune Thiyeu Ra




Oasis Thapa was born on August 26 in Kathmandu. He began his musical career as a teenager when he used to do some music in school. He then started to explore various genres more deeply. Oasis realized this is something he wants to do. He wanted to learn music and applied to a school but he didn’t get in. He couldn’t study formal music since he didn’t have support from the family. Oasis then persuaded his father to get him a guitar and started learning it on his own through guitar tutorials on Youtube.

Oasis Thapa taught himself music to the point he was finally confident to compose and produce his own songs. He had no resources to record and produce the songs. It was expensive to record the songs in the studio so he made use of everything he had to produce his song. He recorded the song with his phone and some apps and software on his laptop to compose the music. Oasis used a bunch of trial and error methods to get the sound he wants. He still uses the same method to produce his songs.

Today we brought you guys a song Fakaula Timilai Lyrics & Chords by Oasis Thapa. The song’s lyrics are so heart-touching that everyone loves to hear them.

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