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Sanish Shrestha Biography (Voice Of Nepal 2)

Sanish Shrestha (Voice of Nepal 2) is one of the most-liked and trending singers of the present era. Currently living in Koteshor, Kathmandu, Sanish Shrestha is nearly 20 years (2019). His great inspiration in his musical career is not a popular artist but his own grandfather. His grandfather used to do “Puja Patha” when he was a child and he was influenced to the music “Bhajan” ( The song sang while praying the god/goddess).

Family Support for their child is one of the most important factors to determine the child’s future.  Likewise, the family of Sanish was very supportive of his music carrier. He left his schooling after Grade 10 and focused on his musical journey.

Sanish Shrestha  Performance in Voice of Nepal

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First of all Sanish Shrestha with his performance on the song Lai Lai-Prasad Movie in the blind audition of the Voice of Nepal gave an outstanding change in his music carrier.  He was successful in impressing all the four judges. All judges turned around and finally, he choose Raju Lama as his coach. His blind audition is selected in the Voice Of Global too which gave him more popularity and Frame. After the Battle round, he sang “Rang” song with Devangana which as also one of the best performances in the battle round.

He was selected in the battle round and went in Knockout Round. Finally, In the Knockout round, he battled with Raybon Lama and Bijaya Limbu. And he was able to knock out both of them. Currently, Sanish is in Live round where the voting of the people will make him more to the further.

Sanish Shrestha Music Background :

Sanish Shrestha’s grandfather used to do puja patha and sing “Bhajan”. His music journey started from his childhood starting from the influence of Bhajan from his Grandfather. He never joined music schools/ music classes for his singing practice. Sanish did him all practice himself. He started singing from the broken guitar left by his brother. Sanish also repaired the backside of the guitar and started singing.
After dropout from his schooling after grade 10. He joined “Srijana College of Fine Art” (a music school in Kathmandu) under the recommendation of his own parents.

Sanish Shrestha Girlfriend:

Currently, the relationship status of Sanish Shrestha is still unknown. But judging from his fame and name he is having a huge ladies fan. And maybe in the future, he will open his relationship status too.

Interesting Fact about Sanish Shrestha Music Carrier:

  • His Blind Auditon in Voice of Nepal is regarded as one of the best performances in the Voice of Global.

Sanish Shrestha’s Life before Going to Voice of Nepal :

Sanish Shrestha used t0 perform live in clubs and bars. He had uploaded covers of some famous English songs on youtube.  Sad by XXXtentacion and Dancing on my own by Calum Scott are his famous cover songs.

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