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Suzeena Shrestha - Mero maya

Mero maya-Suzeena shrestha

Chords used in the songs

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Intro: G Cadd9 Bm Em Am D

G           Cadd9     Bm
Gahiro sagar jhai timro
.          Em              Am           D
Nayan ma aafai lai dekhchu ma
G     Cadd9     Bm
Sara sansar   vari
.          Em              Am         D
Aafu lai timro nai vanchu ma
Bm                Em
Badhi rakha angalo ma
Am      D
Sadhai malai
G            Cm     D
Timi nai mero jiwan
G             Cm    D
Timi nai mero sahara
.           G          Cadd9
Mero maya
Bm         Em   Am   D
Timi nai mero cha  hana
G    Bm                    Em
Zin dagi ko antim lakchaya
Am        D
Timi nai hau
C                D
Harek pal harek chan
C                  D
Sath timlai dine chu
Am                 D       Am     D
Bacha cha yo mero timilai
C               D               
Sansar ko sara khushi lyai
Am              D
Timilai ma dine chu
C                    D
Biswas gara timilai sadhai
Am                   D
Aankha ma ma rakhne chu
F             G
Mero sansar ko maya banai
C                 D
Timi la ma sajaune chu
G            Cm     D
Timi nai mero jiwan
G             Cm    D
Timi nai mero sahara
The end


Mero maya is a beautiful and melodious song by Kramasha Nepal band. Kramasha Nepal is an acoustic/rock band which was formed in 2013. The starting memebers  are Rushan shrestha(guitarist and vocalist), Suzeena Shrestha(vocalist), Bickey Thapa Magar(drummer),Bipul Maharjan(guitarist) and Neerab shrestha(Bassist). Their first album, Malai Baal is already released which is a great album. Suzeena shrestha has started her new project with The Act and other singles. She is doing great in those projects as well.

Songgit presents the guitar chords and lyrics of Mero maya by Suzeena Shrestha. However, This lesson is based on suzeena’s single performance on youtube. You can put the capo is 2nd fret and play the same chords for their kripa unplugged version.

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