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Songgit.com is also a platform to unlease user’s hidden talent and to promote, upload them. There are many people out there with good skill and  knowledge in music to create their own song composition. So focusing on those we provide  Upload Your Composition features on our website. This feature allows the user to share their composed song with us and feature it on our website. We provide the platform for those whose song are good ones  but are unnoticed. For this you just simply need to follow the below instruction.


  • At first you need is to create your own song along with the music. Be careful your song should be copyright free and you don’t intend copy the lyrics from other song. The lyrics should be completely yours.
  • After that you need to make a video singing your own song along with the music and upload it on Youtube as it the main platform to easily upload your videos on the internet. Don’t panic if you don’t have the musical instrument also. We at songgit.com have the musicians who will identify your song scales. But you have to sing it properly and your lyrics should sound clear to eliminate the words conflict.
  • As soon as you upload your video simply go to our website. At the same time click on Upload Your Composition menu in the menu bar.
  • Then you are on to this page and below is the form you have to fill properly.
  • Enter your name, valid email, your address, Your song name. And link of the Youtube video where you have uploaded your song without delay.
  • So far After submitting the form we’ll review your post, then we’ll check your video and finally we will generate the Lyrics and Chords and publish in on our website along with your Video as well as in our social Facebook page.

Thus isn’t is simple to promote your songs on our site.
Moreover start today Creating your own song and let other sing it too in songgit.com

Note: We will feature your song faster in our website if you use the instruments like Guitars or Keyboard. In such case we won’t have to waste time to get the exact scale. So prefer to use some instrument.

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