Yo dil mero-The Edge band| Guitar chords and lyrics

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Nachaheko hoina timilai-The Edge Band

Yo dil mero- The Edge Band

Chords used in the song

yo dil mero-the edge bandukaali chadhaulaukaali chadaulayo dll mero-the edge bandyo dil mero- the edge band  

Changaa chait  


Intro: C F

Yo dil mero
Timrai lagi ho
G                            C
Kina, yeslai chhodi diyou
Sisa ta hohoho…ina
Yo dil mero
G                            C
Kina, yeslai tukrai diyou

G                         C
Mana nai ta ho mero
Oh.. oh.. oh
G                       C
Tmile nai bujhenau
G                         C
Samjhana aai rahancha
G                         C
Timi bina mero jiwan ma aauna
G#                                     Am
Kina hunchu tada mero manlai aba timi
.          F                     G
Yeklo banai nachadana
F                   G                 C
Timi aauna mero jiwan ma….
A#                 F                     C
Huuuuu…uhu huuu..huuu…huhu (X2)

Resami resami tyo timro kesa ma
F                                                 G
Chumna ta maan thiyo timro tyo
.                    C
Gulabi ooth ma (x2)
C                                     F
Yeti nisthuri kina bani dinchau
G                            C
Aayera aba angali deuna
G                                             C
Ma jiunu nai ko k artha vo ra
F                                 C
Yedi timle chahenau vane
C                G#
Aau timi basana
.      F                        C
Feri yo mero mutu ma (x2)
.           G
Khai ti hamra din haru
Timi le nai chahenau vane
F                                           G
Aaja timi bata dherai tada bhayo
A#                 F                     C
Huuuuu…uhu huuu..huuu…huhu (X2)

The end


Yo dil mero-The Edge Band is a very emotional and love song which belongs to The Edge BandThe king of melody band, Edge Band is originally from Pokhara. And has millions of die heart fan following throughout the whole Nepal. The Edge was formed in 1998 and debuted their first album in 2000 with a self-titled name. They earned huge success with their album with a very short period of time. Their every song are soulful and emotional with great lyrics.

Current line up of the band consist of:
Vocal – Jeewan
Lead Guitar – Som
Bass Guitar – Rockey
Rytham – Sanjeeb
Drummer – Basanta

Almost all songs of The Edge Band are popular. Especially Nachaheko, Nachodnu, Thaha Chhaina. They have performed many programmes nationally as well as internationally also. Thus far, The Edge has received a couple of awards and nominations. The song Duukha diyera bagged the best lyrics award at the Pokhara Music Award.

Songgit presents guitar chords and lyrics of the song, Timro Yaad-The Edge Band. Do enjoy learning it with us. Thanks.

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