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AAMA – Rigved Itani

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Song: AAMA – Rigved Itani
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Am                    C       G  
Janma Feri Lida Pani
Am                   F                G
Aama Timrai Kaakh Milos
Am                    C                G
Pau Feri Dharti Ma Rakhda
Am                   F              G
Aama Timrai Saath Milos
Am                           C
Hurkina Pauu Aama
Am                    F           G
Sadhai Timro Ankha Ma
Am                    C
Sara Sansar Adhyaro Lagcha
Am              F        G
Nahuda Timi Yaha

Am               C        Am                   F    G
Hurkayo Timile, Kati Dukha Sahera
Am              C             Am        F            G
Aaja Yaha Chu Ma, Timilai Samjhera
Am              C               Am               F     G
Geeta Kordai Chhu, Timilai Samjhera
Am              C               Am                F     G
Geeta Gaudai Chhu, Timilai Samjhera

Jane Kura Nagara – Swoopna Suman | Lyrics & Chords

Music: Am,  F,  C,  G

Am                           C          G
Farki Au Chu Chadai Aama
Am                  F           G
Farki Auchu Gharai Ma
Am       C            G   
Ekliko Chu Aama
Am                  F     G
Birano Yo Sahar Ma

Am                  C
Hidi Rahana Pauu Aama
Am                   F        G
Samai Timro Haat Ma
Am                     C
Sara Sansar Adhyaro Lagcha
Am              F       G
Nahuda Timi Yaha

Am                    C       G  
Janma Feri Lida Pani
Am                   F                G
Aama Timrai Kaakh Milos



On the auspicious occasion of Mothers Day, Rigved Itani released a new song “AAMA” specially dedicated to all the mothers. The songs depict the full love and the dedication of the mother towards their children. The love of a mother can never end. A Mother’s love is something that no one can explain,
It is made of deep devotion and of sacrifice and pain,
It is endless and unselfish and enduring come what may
For nothing can destroy it or take that love away.

And Happy Mothers Day to all the well-wisher of songgit.com and also all the pure-hearted mothers. Make this New Year Resolution to make your more happier than the previous year. And also belated HAPPY YEAR 2075.

Let's make Songgit.com one of the largest songs library where you can find lyrics and chords of all Nepali songs.

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