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Feel Alive is a new song written/composed/sung by Samriddhi Rai which is a theme song of Sammy Adventure season 2This music video is presented by Channel Arbitrary  which is a Youtube Channel. This video was created by Sammy Production, Produced by Shailesh Shrestha, and edited by  Binay Kansakar. It is song showing the true living with adventure really makes you feel alive.


Do you hear the voice of mountains
And river coming to your soul
When you break it out of your shell
You’r closer to the beauty of it all
And feel alive
And feel alive

Do you ever feel you’re breathing
Surviving insight you see no goal
like there’s someone else in your helm
now wouldn’t you wanna change the role
And feel alive
And feel alive
And feel alive
And feel alive

Get your sunshine on
Soak up the fun
Let your skin breathe
Set your soul free
Let the wind brush your hair
Magic in the air
It’s nature see
Groove to her beat
It’s now or never
Time ain’t forever
Start living believing
It’s now or never
Time ain’t forever
In thrill you die
And feel alive
And feel alive
I feel alive  x 8

Short Info

Samriddhi Rai is a singer/songwriter/journalist who first came in highlight with her debut song “Biswas”. which was a very nice song. Later She released her other songs which are “Ma chahi Nepali”, “Prayas ft. Rohit John Chhetri”. Her songs are mostly liked by people. with her meaningful songs, she has been really popular among the people.
Beside a musician, She is also CEO/Founder of Sammy Co Production. She successfully organized Sammy Adventure show. And now Its season 2 is coming soon. She is also an Editor at Teenz Magazine(ECS Media)
and have wrote many newspaper article. She is a multi-talented personality person which has inspired many youths.

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