Lai lai – Ekdev Limbu | Guitar Chords and Lyrics

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lai lai-ekdev limbu lyrics chords tabs
lai lai-ekdev limbu lyrics chords tabs

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Song: LAI LAI-Ekdev Limbu


G majorAmC majorD major

Intro: G C G C

G                                    Am
Chalyo hawa siriri manai udauna
C                                       G
Mero kanchhi ko gaau wai maa
G                                           Am
Maya satna aako gaathey ma tw herana
C                                             G
Kanchhi mann ma sanga satana

Ali maya ley herana
Kanchhi bato maoda na
Herda matra allarey haami
Chokho chha yo manna

[ Aahai lahi lahi lahi lahi lai
Aahai lahi lahi lahi lahi lahi ] x 4

Music: G

G                                        Am
Bajo khet ko sirai nai chireko
C                G
Barkha jasto tmro jowana
G                                         Am
Maya launa mai keto palkeko
C                    G
Mai mauri tmi fulko basanaa

Kanchi haasi rakhana
Ma sanga boli rakhana
Bolna chhadyau ki kanchhi
Janchha po yo jyana

[ Aahai lahi lahi lahi lahi lahi
Aahai lahi lahi lahi lahi lahi ] x 4

The End


Lai Lai is a sweet love song by the rising sensation Ekdev Limbu. Although the song was initially released on Jan 10, 2019, the Official video has just been released on 27 Apr 2019 by Ness Studio.

Artist: Ekdev Limbu
Beats/Mix/Mastered/Colour: Brijesh Shrestha (Ness Studios)
Compose: Beyond / Brijesh Shrestha
Lyrics /Guitar: Beyond
Drum: Aunjay Pun

Ekdev Limbu the singer of LUNGAMAE, the Limbu POP/R&B song is back with another release! Limbu’s latest track GumSum also features Sunita Thegim. GumSum is definitely a sweet song where we can hear the singers confidently nailing each note. A special mention must be made to Biraj Gautam who is the person behind the lyrics and music. Unfortunately, the song falls in the video department. A strong music video would have made the visual experience ten times better.

So TOday we present LAI LAI-Ekdev Limbu Lyrics and chords on songgit.

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