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Swoopna Suman, original name (Suman Thapa) born in 2 December,1995 Kathmandu, Nepal is a trending Nepali singer-songwriter and guitarist who has been gaining a huge popularity in these days. Linkin park stands first in his favorite band. Initially he posted homemade cover videos. Later, started composing his original songs.You might be wondering the reason of Swoopna Suman’s long hair as he is not the metal artist. He is huge fan of Ranbeer Kapoor who got long hair in Rockstar movie. His mom is his biggest inspiration. Swoopna Suman’s dream is to be music director in future. His zodaic sign in Aquarious and Blood Group is B+. He has created an official website http://swoopnasumanofficial.com/ … Relationship status is unclosed about him.


At the very young age Swoopna Suman was very keen on music and started to explore and learn about music. He belonged in middle class Nepali family where variety of songs were only listened. He started singing at grade 4. While his friends were enjoying teenager life at 17 age, Swoopna Suman had different life. One day suddenly he started shivering, scared, threw his books and banged the desk. These continued until the reflection of his loved ones eyes showered hope. He recently shared his struggle journey in the The Storytellers: A show where celebrities and well known people shared their life’s memorable parts. He recalled those moments when he used to work in restaurants as a waiter for supporting his family. “Jumping from college roof” to get rid of all problems strike his mind occasionally, but he was strong enough to convince himself.
You can check on the video down of his story.

Musical Journey

Swoopna Suman loved to sing Bhajans since childhood time. That’s how the passion for singing grew more inside him. Opportunity to show his vocal skills in grade 4 boosted his true talent. Similarly while studying in grade 7 he started to compose songs by himself.  “Mero sano pari” was dedicated to her departed sister . Later,Karma Records launched Swoopna Suman,when they noticed his cover videos on Youtube.

The first official recorded label was Karma Records that he worked with. Then he started releasing his various cover songs on Youtube.  Due to some understandings with Karma Records , Swoopna Suman joined Arbitrary Productions Pvt. Ltd. in 2016 and  released his two original songs “Kasari Bhanu” and “Kunai Din- The Coffee Song” which hit the Nepal market and is still the trending song till date. Recently he released a song ” Ma Timro” which is in Trending number 13 till date and is about the cross 1 million views. Since he is hard working emerging star he is currently working on his various new songs, music videos and giving live performances in various places inside and outside KTM. Some of them are Singer of The Year (2001 AD), Sainik Awasiya Mahavidhyalaya,Artist of The Month, Times FM.

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