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By Raaz Theeng

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Deconstruction of your soul ,
Your god can’t save you all.
Remember, Sacrifice comes from within
You can’t rise above the lies,
When u can’t tell hope from a sin
When it comes to saving yourselves,
You always first always the first one in line

Into the hell
The hell of our making
Now that she dawns who is to blame you or me ?

Overrun by you desires,
You started the fire that will burn us
Eyes sewed close,
spoon fed a generation with your lies
Terminal bodies and hollow minds ,
Too late now, should not have ignored the signs.
Put flower on the blood in the name of your god- x2

Into the hell
The hell of our making
Now that she dawns who is to blame you or me ?

Now she dawns
Misery will spread like
plague and then all hope dies
Ticking away, Downward Spiral
into the endless pit we fall

Mystic callings but quite so absurd
Ignore the squeaking of
another one in the mud
Put Flower on the blood
In the name of your god

Pray the unknown, follow the Divine
And then God will speak, “what yours is mine”
Bow down to your master
And look for you sin
Just to get here you have
forgotten what you’ve been!

Into the hell
The hell of our making
Now that she dawns who is to blame you or me ?

The end


Underside-Gadhimai is a brutal metal song by The band from Nepal, Underside. It is about the slaughtering of innocent animals in the name of religion. For this song, mixing and mastering is done by Jens Borgen , recording engineer is Stephen Tamang and ethic musical instrument is played by Ashish maharjan & Yuson maharjan.

Underside  is a heavy metal band from Nepal formed in 2010 with the members Avishek K.C., Bikash Bhujel, Manil Shakya, and Bibek Tamang. Now due to some reasons Bibek is unable to continue the journey. They have got Avishek K.C. in Vocals,  Manil Shakya in Bass,  Bikash bhujel and Bikrant Shrestha in Guitar and Nishant Hagier in drums. They have been very succesful since their start and done Silence festivals. They have been partcipating in different international shows and concerts and have a very huge fans following internationally.

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