Harayeko Graha – Kush | Guitar Chords and Lyrics

Harayeko graha - Kush

Title: Harayeko graha
Band: Kush


Em Harayeko grahaC major

Intro: [ Em | C ] x16  (Note: Half beats)

Note: Half beats for Em and C and full beat for B

Em  C      Em  C
Ma…… harayeko graha
Em  C              Em  C
Mero surya adhyaro chha
Em C     Em  C
Ma….. paapi mann ko baha
Em  C            Em   C             B
Mero ishwor adhuro chha

Em  C    Em C  B
Purnimaa ko tara ho.. ma..
Em  C   Em C
Biujanchhu ma nidauna……

Em C   Em  C
Ma…… swotantrataa ko nara
Em  C          Em  C
Mero desh bahiro chha
Em  C    Em  C
Ma…… hasiyaa na taaraa
Em  C            Em  C        B
Mero prem suiro chha

  Em  C    Em  C  B
Kuwa ko Buddha ho ma
Em  C  Em  C
Sochda chhu ma sunauna


Em       C   B                  Em      C  B
Ma…..   haraayeko graha
Em         C  B                   Em     C  B
Ma……. paapi manko baha

Em            C   B   Em    C  B
Em            C  B  
Em    C B

Note: After the solo, when the verse begins, it sounds better if you use Power chords instead of open ones.
So you may substitute Em C and B with E5, C5 and B5 respectively.

You can learn how to play power chords here.

Lyrics in Nepali:

म हराएको ग्रह, मेरो सुर्य अँध्यारो छ
म पापी मनको बह, मेरो इश्वर अधुरो छ
पूर्णिमाको तारा हो म ,
बिउझनछु म निदाउन …

म स्वतन्त्रताको नारा, मेरो देश बहिरो छ
म हँसिया न तारा , मेरो प्रेम सुइरो छ
कुंवाको बुद्ध हो म
सोच्दछु म सुनाउन

म हराएको ग्रह ….
मेरो सुर्य अँध्यारो छ
म पापी मनको बह …
मेरो इश्वर अधुरो छ
म …..

The End

Info – Harayeko graha

Harayeko graha is a very underrated Grunge/Alternative song by the Rock band Kush.
The music composition is pretty spot on and the lyrics are pretty deep as well. This song is definitely a great contribution to the Nepali Underground Grunge/Alternative/Rock scene.

I think the lyrics are about the feeling of alienation caused by the inability to cope and conform with the prevailing social, political and religious orthodox and ideologies. Please send some feedback if you think that it’s a really stupid analysis that I’ve made. :’)

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