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Song: Ma Timro Lyrics & Chords – Swoopna Suman

Timi Matra-Brijesh Shrestha    bhanai-tribal rain   

Note: (Put The Capo in 3rd fret. If you want to play without Capo Play A# instead of G, play D# instead of C(or Cadd9) and play F instead of D.)


Verse I:
G                                                 Cadd9
Akashai ma Nau Lakhe Tara,
Tara lai Dhakne Kalo tyo Badal
G                                                 Cadd9
Badal Xicholi Aunechu Mata
G                                                 Cadd9
Lina Timilai Mero Yo Sathaaa
G                           Cadd9           D                     G
Auna Ma Sanga Udera Hera, Junaiko Najika
G                               Cadd9                 G   
Dinechu Timilai Ajambari Maya Ankhai Ma Rakhera
G                               Cadd9                 D                      G
Sajaune chu Mero Mutuko Majha Angalo Kholera
Timi Thamideu Haata, Naxoda Saathaa
Bolideu Mayaka Dui Mitha Baata


Auuna Auuu Ma Sanga Gaa wuu
Cadd9                D
Ankha Ughari Hera Malai Timro
Najikai Xune Mutumai Rakha
Cadd9                   D
Angala Malai Timrai Ma Huni
Ma Timro Huuuuu…….
Huuuuuu…..   Huuuuu…….
Xuni Ma Timro Huuuu……
Cadd9                      D
Huuuu….. Huuuuuu

Verse II:

G                             Cadd9
Mani Nidhayeka Ankhale Timro
D                    G
Nindra Ma Herera
G                              Cadd9
Suni Rahanchau Geet ta Yo Mero
D                        G
Musukka Hasera

Pareli Timro Jhim Jhim Garchau..
CAdd9                                          D
Haatale Mero Aaula Samauchau… wuuuuu

Chorus :

Song: Ma Timro Lyrics & Chords – Swoopna Suman

Note: ( The chord progression is same as the above chorus part)

Najikai Aauu Malai Samaau
Chiso Xa Mutu Nyano Banai Timro
Saathaima Rakha Jaana Na Deu
Saamhala Malai Timrai Ma Huni

Ma Timro Huuuuu…….
Huuuuuu…..   Huuuuu…….
Xuni Ma Timro Huuuu……
Huuuu….. Huuuuu

G                                D
Raat Yo Katera Jaalaa…
G                                D
Saatha Yo Xutera Jaalaa
G                               D
Haat Yo Dinechu Sadhai….
Cadd9                     D
Aasha Boki….. Hidi Ra Ha Nechu
G                                                   D
Akashai ma Nau Lakhe Tara…

The End


After the huge success of “Kasari Bhanu“,  Swoopna Suman is back again with the new and melodious song called ” Ma Timro ” along with the music video too. In the direction of “Neesha Khaling”, Swoopna Suman himself is the role model of this song.
The synopsis of the song is  Swoopna Suman eagerly waiting for Prom Night,  his Dream Girl who seems to be right beside him in the coffee shop, in the library too but coincidently are unknown. ” The song starts with the soulful and melodious plugin. The song has a very different kind of feel apart from his previous songs. Hence this song is about to hit the huge market in the Nepali Music Industry supporting the career of Swoopna Suman.

Today Songgit presents Song: Ma Timro Lyrics & Chords – Swoopna Suman.

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    1. actually the whole song is played in the plugin but you can play on chords too.
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