Nachodnu LYRICS AND CHORDS – The Edge Band

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Song: Nachodnu LYRICS AND CHORDS – The Edge Band

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E                                               C#m
Maya Garchu Aja Dheraii… Najik Ayi Basideu…
E                                              C#m
Bhariyecha Maan Mayale.. Timi Mathi Pokhna Deu..
G#m                     C#m
Saath Deu Timi Aja Malai
A                                                B
Manda Manda Batasama… Timi Aai Nachideu…
G#m                                             C#m
Bitauchu Timrai Kakha Ma… Najik Aai Basideu…
A                                             B
Bhariyecha Maan Mayale Timi Mathi Pokhna Deuu….
E                                    C#m
Nachodnu Yo Saath… Kahile…
A                                      B
Nachodnu Yo Haat…. Kahile….
E                                       C#m  
Mero Dharti Aakash… Timi Nai Hau..
A                                      B
Bachne Eutai Sahara. Timi Nai Hau..
Timi Nai Hau..

[Solo] : E C#m x2

Mero Geet Ko Sabda Ra Artha Timi..
E7                                            F#m  
Tesaile Yo Geet Samarpan Timilai Gardachu..
Chahekai Thiyo..Payekai Thiyou.. Timi Sabai Mera Pal..
E7                               F#m 
Tara Aja Pai Hale.. Sabai Maya Ko Fal..
A                         B                E
Sabda Upahar Didaichu..Mero…
C#m                        G#m
Bhanthyou Maya Gara Maya Malai..
A                       B
Tara Timi Aja Kata…
E                                     C#m
Nachodnu Yo Saath… Kahile…
A                                     B
Nachodnu Yo Haat…. Kahile….
E                                       C#m
Mero Dharti Aakash… Timi Nai Hau..
A                                        B
Bachne Eutai Sahara… Timi Nai Hau..
Timi Nai Hau..



Jeewan Gurung is a vocalist, songwriter, and composer of one of the most popular Nepalese band “The Edge band.” The Edge Band was formed in the year 1998 and officially entered the Nepali Music Industry in the year 2000. The video of the single mero aasu from the debut album witnessed a countrywide popularity surge within a week of its official release. This success gave the band a much-needed break into the mainstream music industry in Nepal. The album included other hits like jeewan mero, pagal nabhana, and numerous jams and rehearsals, Jeewan connected with three talented seasoned musicians in Pokhara. They shared similar views, attitudes, and tastes for the music they envisioned haheyko.

Thus far, The Edge has received a couple of awards and nominations. The song Duukha diyera bagged the best lyrics award at the Pokhara Music Award. The song received critical acclaim for its soulful words. In 2006, following the release of Vibes, The Edge was nominated at the 9th Tuborg Annual Image Awards in the category of Rock Vocal Performance. Although it was only confined to nominations, The Edge has come out of age to demonstrate their ability to deliver beyond anyone’s expectation.


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