SAMJHI RUNA RUNA | सम्झि रुना रुना – JHUPRI BHANDARI | ठाडीभाका

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Song : SAMJHI RUNA RUNA | सम्झि रुना रुना – JHUPRI BHANDARI | ठाडीभाका


==== शब्द/Lyric ====
दिन मलाई बर्षदिन जति, सम्झि रुना रुना
आमाले मारिनन् किन? मलाई हुना हुना

संसार देख्ने आँखा छैनन् , के गरेर गरेर खाउँला
पालिकन दु:ख भया, आमा म काँ जाउँला ?

क्या नौलो क्या फाटो मलाई, लत्ता फेरु भन्या
मन त छियो आँखा छैनन्, संसार हेरु भन्या

गाई बसी वृषका सेल, भैसी बसी खाल
कि मनले सोचेको पुर्या, कि त लैजा काल

साथका अफिस जान्छन्, कागज पत्र बोकी
दिन अन्यारै रात अन्यारै , मैकि मात्रै होकी?

खानु त भाग्यमै छैन, मर्नु पानी नपाई
आमाले मार्दिनु पर्ने, दुधै नलाई मलाई

दुखको समुन्द्र भयाँ आँशुको मुल भयाँ
खडगयो बालीबैँस , झरेकाे फुल भयाँ

==== नेपालीमा====
दिन पनि वर्षदिन लाग्छ, सम्झेर रुँदारुँदै
किन मारेनौ आमा मलाई ? जन्मिदा जन्मिदै

संसार देख्ने आँखा छैनन्, के गरेर खाउँला?
पाल्यौ र पनि दुख भयो, आमा म कहाँ जाउला ?

के नयाँ ? के पुरानाे मलाई, लुगा फेरौँ भने
मन त थियो आँखा छैनन् , संसार हेराैँ भने

गाई बस्यो रुखको सितलमा, भैसी बस्यो आहाल
कि मनले सोचेको पुर्याइदे, कि त लैजा काल

संगैका साथी अफिस जान्छन् , कागजपत्र बोकी
दिन अँध्यारै, रात अँध्यारै , मलाई मात्र हाे कि ?

खान त भाग्यमै छैन, मर्नुछ पानी नपाई
आमाले मार्दिनु पर्ने, मलाई दुधमै नलाई

दुखको समुन्द्र भएँ, आँशुको मूल भएँ
खेर गयो बैँस जाेवन्, झरेको फुल भएँ ।

Samjhi Runa Runa Lyrics In english

A day feels like a year
Sobbing and crying in remembrance!
Why did you not kill me, mother,
While I was at your womb’s entrance?

I don’t have eyes to see the world,
What will I eat and survive?
You reared me momma, yet it’s painful;
Where will I go and dive?

What is new for me, what is old;
Why should I change clothes?
My heart wishes, my eyes can’t;
How will I look at this universe?

Cows rest under the tree’s shade,
Buffaloes in the pond!
Hey Death! Either you fulfill my dreams,
Or take me to your home!

Fellow friends leave for office
Carrying files and copies.
Days are dark, nights all the same;
Only I am in mysteries!

I am not fated to eat,
Might I die in thirst!
You must have killed my mother
By not feeding your breast!

I have become tear’s outfall,
Also the mystery’s ocean!
Like fading and falling petals,
My blossomed puberty went in vain!!



Jhupri Bhandari one of the contestants of The Voice of Nepal Season 2 released her first song “Samjhi Runa Runa” on YouTube. The song is released today. Jhupri Bhandari entered into The Voice of Nepal season 2 with her cultural DEUDA song. Because of her pure culture, she was chosen by Astha Raut and got into her team. Astha trained her as much as she can. But because of her lack of knowledge of music, Jhupri has to be voted out by Astha. It was very hard decision of Astha to Vote her out. But even though Jhupri Bhandari was there is Voice of Nepal for a short period of time, she was able to reached and sit in the heart of the judges as well as in Nepalese people.

So Today Jhupri is back with her first song “Samjhi Runa Runa”. And the song has already got around 50k views within an hour of upload. Songgit wishes Jhupri Bhandari For the Best Wishes on her upcoming day.

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