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Swoopna Suman is back once again with the new song “Thahai Vayena”. Surprisingly for the first time he is singing a song for the movie “Intu Mintu London Ma”. Before a month ago his new song “Fikka Fikka” was released on Youtube. Furthermore you can get the lyrics and chords of this song here After that “Thahai Vayena” is the new recorded song of Swoopna Suman. Although he is a signed artist of Arbitary Groups, he is now singing for the movies too.

“Intu Mintu London Ma’ is a Nepali romantic featured drama movie featuring Samragyee RL Shah and Dhiraj Magar. Dhiraj Magar is debut in Kollywood film industry. Also he is famous Youtuber having subscribers more than 1 lakhs. Moreover Renasha Bantawa Rai is Director of this movie.

In short it is a romantic drama about two modern Nepali individuals struggling to walk between tradition and modernity. Intu (Ishan) a young Nepali guy raised and brought up in the UK, is very passionate about anything he desires in life. Mintu (meera) a daughter of Nepali ambassador to the UK, is dedicated in her nursing career. Connecting from their common friend Newson, they met by chance and unwantedly fell for each other at last. They both were happy until their relationship faces hard decision to be made by Meera. Quest for Meera being success to fight all the ethical norms for her eternal happiness or be bounded in the terms of her parents happiness arises while watching this movie. Up to the present time the movie release date is not release yet as well as the trailer. But sooner or later it will release.

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Lyrics and Chords
C 1 150x150 1Am 1 e1517251177465f chords 150x150 1G 1 e1514732397896

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Verse I:
C                                 Am              C
Yo Bato Timi Sanga Hinda Hindai
C                              Am              C
Jani Najani Timro Hath Samaudai
C                                   Am             C
Bagal Ma Basi Timro Muskuraudai
C                                 Am              C
Maya Ka Geet Haru Gungunaudai
C                F             G                     C

Thahai Vayena Kahile Maan Basyo
C           F               G                       C
Timro Haso Ma Kaile Maan Fasyo

Verse II:
C                                         Am              C
Timilai Ghantau Samma Parkhi Basthe
C                                 Am           C
Ramailo Guff Gaff Suni Sunaudai Pheri
C                           Am         C
Timilai Samjhi Afai Tolauthey
C                                     Am         C
Timro Udasi Pan Ma Timi Hasaudai

C                 F           G              C
Thahai Vayana Kahile K Vayo
C           F               G                     C
Timro Akha Ma Maan Dulirahyo
Am                               G     
Bujauna Nakhojeko Hoina Maan Lai Tara
F                                       G
Manai Ta Ho Yo Kaha Mancha Raaa
Am                                  G
Bhulauna Nakhojeko Hoina Yaad Lai Tara
F                                           G
Tada Huna Badi Jancha Jhan

Am                               C
Thahai Vayana K Vayoo o oo x 4
Am                               C
Thahai Vayana K Vayo


Verse III:
C                                Am           C
Bihani Sangai Base Coffee Piudai
C                                      Am             C
Pachadi Timi Agi Ma Bato Dekhaudai
C                         Am           C
Rati Adheri Ma Tara Gandai ………..Timi [/one_half]
C                           Am           C
Diary Ma Timro Naam Kordai

C                 F           G                  C
Thahai Vayana Kahile Ma Hase
C           F                     G               C
Timro Mitho Mitho Boli Ma Fase
C                 F           G              C
Thahai Vayana Kahile Ma Hase
C          F                       G              C
Timro Mitho Mitho Boli Ma Fase

Am                                 G
Sunauna Nakhojeko Hoina Timilai Tara
F                               G
Najikai Aie Bolna Sakdina
Am                          G
Herana Aaja Voli Yestai Chha Malai Yeha
F                                  G
Timilai Pani Testai Huncha Ki?

Am                                 C
Thahai Vayena K Vayoo O oo x 4
Am                                C
Thahai Vayena K Vayo

Music: [ C, F, G ]
Soft whispering with exclaiming voice
Music with la la la la la la la [ C, F, G ]

Am                                                                             F                 G
Mera Geet Haru Ko Shabda Ma Naam Timro Chha Herana
Am                                                                                  F                  G
Maile Gungunaune Dhun Haru Ma Yaad Timrai Chha Sunana
Jaha Jau J Garaum Ma Timilai Nai Samjhinchu
F                                                                                          G
Eklai Basna Maan Paraune Ma Timro Saathma Ramaudai Xu
F                G
Kina Heranaaaa aaa aaa

C                                    C
Bhana Malai Yo K Vayo ? x 3
Am                                       C
Timi Nai Bhana Yo K Vayooooooo
Am                                C
Bhana Malai Yo K Vayo?


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