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Band Champion Nepal

Band Champion Nepal
Band Champion Nepal

Most of the musicians today are well known for the Band Champion Nepal Competition happening currently as this post is written. The competition is organized by Mountain Entertainment Television, Nepal. The show started around 3 months ago. From a total of 200 bands that auditioned, the top 26 bands were selected for the competition. The first phase of the competition was the ‘Judge Audition Round’, with Dev Rana, Jyoti Ghimire, and Robin Tamang as judges. Megha Shrestha is a host of the show. The winning band will get a cash prize of Rs. 20,00,000 and also the concert tour outside Nepal also. So this is the very big opportunity for all the musicians.

Band Champion Nepal Judges:

Band Champion Nepal Season 1 has 3 judges Dev Rana, Jyoti Ghimire, and Robin Tamang. They are all the most renowned musicians and artists in Nepal. As we are all aware that Dev Rana and Robin Tamang were also the judges of Sprite Band Challenge, the first band competition happened in Nepal.


Satapdi Band
Satapdi Band

Currently one of the most popular Bands on the Band Champion Nepal is Satapdi Band. The Band previously had 7 members. But after the Keyboardist went to Australia currently the band has 6 members. You can see the Keyboard player Rojan Subedi on the Audition round of Band Champion Nepal. The current band members are :

Vocalist: Yugal Samal
Guitarist 1: Bishal Chhetri
Guitarist 2: Arun Singh
Bassist: Sonam Tamang
Drummer: Anjal Sapkota
Saxophonist : Jems Singh

The band is getting huge fame and popularity along with the performance in the Band Champion Nepal. Even the Nepal Guitar Tutorial has also reviewed each and every episode of Band Champion and Satapdi Band is also one of his favorite bands. The band was very much popular in Kathmandu but now is known all along with Nepal and different countries too. Even the good looks and the cuteness of the band members have won the heart of many fans too. They have been playing together as a band for more than  2 years.

The Band loves playing Jazz Music especially but is very versatile and can play any type of music. The main specialty of this band is each and every member of the band gets the chance to play their music. Especially the Saxophonist Jems Singh plays a melodious Saxo as well as the Flute too. After all, every member is very talented in this band.

For more detail get in touch with Satapdi Band on

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYdaqGxq7baN59rBYaxsKTg
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/bandsatapdi07

How the Band Formed?

Satapdi Band
Satapdi Band

Drummer of the Satapdi Band Anzel Sapkota was one of my friends. So we came into contact with him and he let us know how the Band Formed.

Previously all the member of the Satapdi Band was in a different band and used to gig on the Thamel at different Bars and restaurants. So all the members met up at the different Thamel gigs and bars. Around 4-5 band members collab together to form the Satapdi Band. The member became close because they all were living in the same area too like Chabahil, Kapan, Boudha, and Saraswatinagar which are near to each other. So at one event, they were offered to perform with the big band so in this way, they formed Satapdi Band and performed well at that event. Seeing the tightness of the Band they decided to practice more and more and performed many events and finally decided to show up on the Band Champion Nepal too.

Satapdi Band on Band Champion Nepal

The Band started with the song Pathaideuna by 1974 A.D. and got a good response from the Judges and entered into the Band Champion Nepal. They performed many songs like Sadhai Sadhai,  Palla Gharka, Funky Daju, Yesari Saajh, Samjhi Baschu, and Malai Angali Deu. Satapdi has performed their 2 original songs too: Sital Hawa. Sital Hawa was really amazing too. And also got a good response from the judges too.

Currently, Satapdi Band is in the top 9 of Band Champion Nepal and is performing well. The Reggae round was also mastered by the Satapdi Band as with the comments of Robin Sir.

The Band needs your vote to win the Band Champion Nepal.

How to vote for Satapdi Band?

The voting system is very simple. All you need is the e-sewa app if you are in Nepal or the Global Online Pay if you are outside Nepal.

Steps to vote for Satapdi Band :

  1. Open the esewa app installed on your mobile or go to www.esewa.com.np on the PC.
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  2. Search for the Band Champion Nepal on the search bar and select Band Champion Nepal.
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  3. Now select Satapdi Band choose the voting quota. 1 vote = 20 Rs. [Note: Make sure you have the enough amount to vote.]
    Screenshot 2022 04 18 13 33 52 602 com.f1soft.esewa

So, give your vote as much as possible and help the band win the Band Champion Nepal.

Keeping Voting and Keep Supporting Nepali Music.

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